A Mummy and Me Jamberry Party!!!!!!


On Tuesday 16th August 2016, we held a mummy and me jamberry party at my house, and we were so lucky to have been blessed with such a lovely and sunny day. I invited 11 mummies and their children and because of one thing or another only 3 mummies and their children arrived. Never mind LOTS more cake for us YUM YUM!!!!

What is Jamberry???? Background information alert!!!!!!!!

Jamberry was launched on the 1st October 2010 by three sisters after an expensive trip to their local nail salon, they vowed to find a cheaper and similar way to have lovely nails.

Jamberry is a brand of nail wraps that have no odours and no chemicals within them, there are over 200 designs suitable for women and children

Our Jamberry party was organised and ran by a very good friend of mine Heidi Millington, here is her Jamberry story of how she found Jamberry and why she loves her job within it so much…

I saw the nail wraps on a friend last year who had been sent them as a gift from Australia. She explained her sister in-law had a Jamberry business and how it worked, I thought WOW that would be huge over here! A few months later my friend said that Jamberry were planning their launch in the UK for April 2016, I was well and truly in! So I have been involved building up my Jamberry business ever since, helping other ladies to join up and create their own successful and loving every minute, love that I can just work as and when around my children and do something I really enjoy, more of a hobby than work! Plus all the time I get to wear and share these fab nail wraps that ladies are LOVING and return to purchase from me time and time again!

Our Party!!!!

Heidi arrived 30 minutes before the party was due to start so she could set up all of her bits and pieces. We held the party in my kitchen as there is a lot of space for everybody coming. The girls has decided that they would like to have cakes at the party, so I found some on yummy cake ideas on Pinterest which were custard crème cupcakes and raspberry with lemon cookies. ( Links are at the bottom of the page)

Heidi had set up the table with her own table cloth her organiser box of samples, a guess the sweets game, tattoos to apply, a mini heater, leaflets, catalogues and nail wraps to look at.

While we were waiting for our guests to arrive Heidi started to apply the nail wraps for my big girl E which is had purchased from her previously. The time that it took her to apply them seemed hardly anytime at all, with the cutting to shape and application it took her little of 6 minutes for the set of hands. (but she has had so much practice I can guarantee that I will need lots of practice to be that quick.) Then she was starting on middle L’s dinosaur nails when our guests started to arrive.

Heidi was so lovely and the other mummies commented on this also, she was available for questions that she was asked. She is unlike other selling company consultants that you can get, because she didn’t push everything that Jamberry is about or about the jamberry opportunity or pressure you to purchase nail wraps. And this is so relaxing because I remember having a different party a few years ago when the consultant was very pushy with trying to get you to purchase things.

After our two hours of samples and mummy chats with tea, coffee and cakes while the children played. It was time for the party to finish.

I recommend Jamberry nail wraps they are so easy to put on and take off with no damage to your nails either. (BONUS!!!!!!!!)

Below I have included the links to relevant pages:

Heidi’s Jamberry website: https://jamberrybyheidi.jamberry.com/uk/en/

Heidi’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jamberrybyheidi/?fref=ts

Cupcakes: http://www.janespatisserie.com/2015/09/11/custard-cream-cupcakes/

Cookies: http://bakeeatrepeat.ca/raspberry-lemon-cookies-recipe/

One thought on “A Mummy and Me Jamberry Party!!!!!!

  1. Love this Michelle and may I add what a lovely host you were and with amazing cakes and cookies made by you and your girls, yummy!!! Loved every minute partying with you and your friends! And what a fab bunch of kids, all loving having pretty nails and tattoos! LOVE my job xxx


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